Saturday, September 7, 2013

Alie Lectric....

Hello. Today's Novi Star is..............................Alie Lectric!!!!!

 If you  have never noticed but Alie wears a pair of golden shoes. These shoes have a small amount of detail in them much like Una Verse's shoes. Alie, ALie, Alie. 
 Here is a drawing of Alie. She is wearing an OBEY hat. I think what she's trying to say is OBEY ME, ALIE LECTRIC. Wearing Pink tennis shoes and pants that look sort of jean like. Her top is simply stellar. Her braclet is cute but different than the one that the doll comes with.    
 I like this picture of Alie because it shows (on her legs) the three colors that she blushes in. 
 Alie proably doesn't know what it is like to be famous. Does she?

 Go Alie Glow!!!! On your mark, get set, glow!!!!!!! 

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